Vedasara Shivastva

Created by shri Shankaracharya, the great teacher, this stotrram presents Lord Shiva as the ultimate creator, protector and destroyer of the universe. This magnificent work praising shiva is worth collecting and reciting.

पशूनां पतिं पापनाशं परेशं
गजेन्द्रस्य कृत्तिं वसानं वरेण्यम्
जटाजूटमध्ये स्फुरद्गाङ्गवारिं
महादेवमेकं स्मरामि स्मरारिम्


O Shiva you are the supreme master and protector of all being, the vanquisher of all sins. O the ultimate God of all, you wear the hide of great elephant, and  hold holy Ganga in your matted hair. O Shiva, you alone is worth choosing and adhering – worth remembering! worth remembering!


महेशं सुरेशं सुरारातिनाशं
विभुं विश्वनाथं विभूत्यङ्गभूषम्
सदानन्दमीडे प्रभुं पञ्चवक्त्रम्


O God of Gods! O Great Lord! You are the the sole refuse even for Gods in times of despair. O Shiva ! you wear ashes and the Sun, the Moon and the Fire are like your three eyes. I Pray to thee, O five faced Lord who is the source of all happiness.


गिरीशं गणेशं गले नीलवर्णं
गवेन्द्राधिरूढं गुणातीतरूपम्
भवं भास्वरं भस्मना भूषिताङ्गं
भवानीकलत्रं भजे पञ्चवक्त्रम्


O Nilkantha! The blue-throat Lord! You who, reside at the Mount Kailasha, and is the head of all ganas, and you who use the bull (symbol of virtue) for your vehicle, you possess unaccountable virtues. You are the sole cause of the universe; you are like the source of all light. O Lord of Goddess Parvati! O five faced Lord! I bow to thee.


शिवाकान्त शंभो शशाङ्कार्धमौले
महेशान शूलिञ्जटाजूटधारिन्
त्वमेको जगद्व्यापको विश्वरूपः
प्रसीद प्रसीद प्रभो पूर्णरूप


O Shambhoo! O concert of Godess Parvati! You  wear moon on the fore head, and hold trishul in your hand. O Mahadeva you support matted hair. O icon of the universe! You alone are omnipresent in the entire universe. O the complete being! Bless me. Bless me.


परात्मानमेकं जगद्बीजमाद्यं
निरीहं निराकारमोंकारवेद्यम्
यतो जायते पाल्यते येन विश्वं
तमीशं भजे लीयते यत्र विश्वम्


O divine! You alone, are the ultimate soul and the prime cause of the universe. You are void of desires and you are formless and yet you are known by the aumkar  ॐ form.  You can be known only through meditation and concentration. You let the universe come into being, you are the protector and ultimately take it back into your fold. O Shiva ! I pray to thee.


न भूमिर्नं चापो न वह्निर्न वायु-
र्न चाकाशमास्ते न तन्द्रा न निद्रा
न गृष्मो न शीतं न देशो न वेषो
न यस्यास्ति मूर्तिस्त्रिमूर्तिं तमीडे


O Shiva! You are beyond the basic elements – the Earth, the Water, the Fire, the Air and the Sky. You are beyond the control of basic nature – the climate summer and winter do not effect you, nor you ever get tired or need to sleep. You do not belong to a particular country or culture (you are omnipresent). O form less diving being!  I pray to thee.



अजं शाश्वतं कारणं कारणानां
शिवं केवलं भासकं भासकानाम्
तुरीयं तमःपारमाद्यन्तहीनं
प्रपद्ये परं पावनं द्वैतहीनम्


O Shiva! O eternal being! You are timeless, you are the cause of all causes. You alone is the source of all lights. You are beyond the three forms and states. O Shiva! you are eternal – without any origin or end and you are beyond any form of ignorance. O the supreme and the pious Lord, you are without any comparison. I bow to thee.


नमस्ते नमस्ते विभो विश्वमूर्ते
नमस्ते नमस्ते चिदानन्दमूर्ते
नमस्ते नमस्ते तपोयोगगम्य
नमस्ते नमस्ते श्रुतिज्ञानगम्य ॥

Salutation to thee, O icon of the universe, salutation to thee!
Salutation to thee, O cause of all happiness, salutation to thee!
Salutation to thee, O Lord who can be known through yoga and meditation, salutation to thee!
Salutation to thee, who can be known by sacred knowledge of vedas, salutation to thee!


प्रभो शूलपाणे विभो विश्वनाथ
महादेव शंभो महेश त्रिनेत्र
शिवाकान्त शान्त स्मरारे पुरारे
त्वदन्यो वरेण्यो न मान्यो न गण्यः


O Shiva! O Mahadeva! O Vishvanatha! O Great and the compassionate Lord who hold the triad in his hand! O three-eyed Lord!  O Lord of Godess Parvati, you alone are worth meditating. O the extreme calm Lord of all the universe, there is nobody better than you, no one more respectable, or comparable to you and no body to chosen over you.



शंभो महेश करुणामय शूलपाणे
गौरीपते पशुपते पशुपाशनाशिन्
काशीपते करुणया जगदेतदेक-
स्त्वंहंसि पासि विदधासि महेश्वरोऽसि


O Compassionate Lord Shambhoo! O Great Lord of Goddess Parvati, O Lord of Mount Kailash you are the destroyer of all lust, delusion and desires. O Compassionate Lord, you are the cause of all creation, protection  and the destruction. You alone are the controller and master of the universe.


त्वत्तो जगद्भवति देव भव स्मरारे
त्वय्येव तिष्ठति जगन्मृड विश्वनाथ
त्वय्येव गच्छति लयं जगदेतदीश
लिङ्गात्मके हर चराचरविश्वरूपिन्


O Shiva! You are the master of entire universe – living and non-living. In your lingam form you let the universe come to being. O Shankara! Creation rests in thee, you alone protect it and ultimately the life merges back to thee; goes back to the nothingness.


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  1. Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  2. God Siva is Immanent Love and Transcendent Reality.

    Ekameva Advitiyam.
    Lord Siva is the Supreme Reality The one without a second

    Siva alone exists in Himself.
    He is the Impersonal Absolute Brahman.

    He cannot be seen by the eyes but He can be realised within the heart through devotion and meditation,Lord Shiva is the God of all and is worshipped by All,

    From Devas (Gods) SUCH AS Lord Brahma,Lord Vishnu,Lord Rama, Sri Krishna,Ganesha…..

    By Asuras (Demons) like Bana, Ravana,By(Humans) like Adi Shankara, Nayanars,By (Creatures) such as Jatayu, an eagle, Vali,an ape, and the list goes on and on. Furthermore, the site states that people of different backgrounds and qualities worship the Shiva,with many temples having histories of even cranes,bees,
    elephants,Kalahasti,spiders,sn akes,worshipping Shiva and getting blessed.

    It concludes that the Lord,as the Supreme one,blesses anyone who worships him in sincere devotion as there is No Discrimination on who the seeker is.

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