Brahmas Shiva Stottram

Lord Brahma, one of the members of the triad, praised the supreme being Shiva in this prayer.

नमस्ते भगवान रुद्र भास्करामित तेजसे|
नमो भवाय देवाय रसायाम्बुमयात्मने||

Greeting to thee, O Lord Rudra! Your splendour is like that of innumerable suns and you are manifested as the life sustaining water. O Lord Bhava, I pray to you.


शर्वाय क्षितिरूपाय नंदीसुरभये नमः|
ईशाय वसवे सुभ्यं नमः स्पर्शमयात्मने||

O Lord Sharva, Salutation to thee. Nandi and Surabhi (symbols of prosperity) are but your manifestations. O almighty, I pray to thee as the bearer of the Universe (as Earth) and its sustainers in form of air.


पशूनां पतये चैव पावकायातितेजसे|
भीमाय व्योम रूपाय शब्द मात्राय ते नमः||

Salutation, O Lord Bhima, you are the deity of all living being (pashu-pati) you all magnificent as fire and you are the sound of the universe and manifested as the endless sky. I pray to thee.


उग्रायोग्रास्वरूपाय यजमानात्मने नमः|
महाशिवाय सोमाय नमस्त्वमृत मूर्तये||

Greeting to thee, O great Shiva, you are the nectar of immortality, you are the source of unrestrained energies. O Shiva you are like the supporter of yagnas. I pray to thee.

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