Natraaj Stuti

Lord Shiva is the universal teacher, the ultimate creator and the great cosmic dancer. The world comes into being by his cosmic dance – Anand Tandav and goes back to him by his Raudra Tandav. This strottam is dedicated to the Natraaj aspect of Shiva.


सत सृष्टि तांडव रचयिता
नटराज राज नमो नमः|

O Lord Natraaj ! You create the universe by your cosmic dance. Salutation to thee.

हे आद्य गुरु शंकर पिता
नटराज राज नमो नमः|


O Lord Shankar, you are the ultimate teacher and the divine father. O Lord Natraaj, Salutation to thee.

गंभीर नाद मृदंगना धबके उरे ब्रह्मांडना
नित होत नाद प्रचंडना
नटराज राज नमो नमः|

(O Shiva!) The universe vibrates on the beat of your drums and the entire cosmic activities are controlled by the sound of it. Salutation to thee, O Lord Natraaj!

सिर ज्ञान गंगा चंद्र चिद ब्रह्म ज्योति ललाट मां
विष नाग माला कंठ मां
नटराज राज नमो नमः|

O Lord Natraaj! you bear the moon and the Ganga of knowledge on your head, your forehead radiates the divine light and the poisonous snake is your garland. I salute thee.

तवशक्ति वामे स्थिता हे चन्द्रिका अपराजिता |
चहु वेद गाएं संहिता
नटराज राज नमो नमः|

(O Shiva) You have taken the divine power (shakti) as you consort, you are indomitable. O Lord Natraaj! the four Vedas are full your praises. Salutation to thee.

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