Shiva Mahimna Stottram

The Shiva Mahimna Stottram  one of the most popular prayers and is considered as one of the best prayers in praise of Lord Shiva. Consisting of 43 verses, the prayers praises the devine aspect of Shiva and his supremacy and simplicity. The prayer was drafted in a special circumstance and aimed at obtaining pardon from the lord.

Here’s the story and the prayer …

Once upon a time there was a king Chitraratha. He was a great Shiva devotee and had constructed a nice garden . The garden was full of beautiful flowers. Chitraratha offered these flowers to shiva everyday.

And then one day …

Pushpdanta, a gandharva (celestial dancer from Lord Indra’s court) happen to come across this beautiful garden. Facinated by the beauty he took away the flower. Next day Chitrarath was left with nothing to offer to Shiva.

But then it was just the beginning of the mystery and miseries…

Unable to control his temptation, Pushpadanta went on highjacking the garden’s wealth everyday. King tried his best to catch the thief but to no avail. Pushpadanta had divine powers common to celestial beings. He remained invisible and un-detected.

And then…

Desperate king took the desperate measure. He spread the Shiva Nirmaalya in his garden. Nirmaalya  consists of flowers and bilva leaves which has been used in shiva’s worship and his higly sacred.

Finally mystery unfolds …

Pushpadanta not aware of kings plan walked over the sacred flowers and at once lost his divine capabilities.

Its time for repentance …

A shiva devotee himself, he realized is mistake and started to praise his patron to obtain his mercy.

Let its recitation be beneficial to you as well!

महिम्नः पारं ते परमविदुषो यद्यसदृशी
स्तुतिर्ब्रह्मादीनामपि तदवसन्नास्त्वयि गिरः .
अथाऽवाच्यः सर्वः स्वमतिपरिणामावधि गृणन्
ममाप्येष स्तोत्रे हर निरपवादः परिकरः .. १.. 

O Shiva, O Hara!!! You are the vanquisher of all miseries. I will pray with the faith that even If the prayer offered by me is not worthy of you it will come as no surprise because even Brahama, other Gods and the greatest  learned beings can’t describe your complete glory with is without any beginning or end. In other words any body can offer you a prayer limited by his own capability. With this faith I begin my prayer…

अतीतः पंथानं तव च महिमा वाङ्मनसयोः 
अतद्व्यावृत्त्या यं चकितमभिधत्ते श्रुतिरपि .
स कस्य स्तोतव्यः कतिविधगुणः कस्य विषयः
पदे त्वर्वाचीने पतति न मनः कस्य न वचः .. २.. 

O Shiva, your glory can’t be described either by speech or mind. Even vedas are equally surprised and confused when it comes express your greatness by only saying Neti, Neti (Not this and not this). Who can then praise such a greatness as yours? I praise to thee knowing its difficult to sing for you who is with and without form.

मधुस्फीता वाचः परमममृतं निर्मितवतः
तव ब्रह्मन् किं वागपि सुरगुरोर्विस्मयपदम् .
मम त्वेतां वाणीं गुणकथनपुण्येन भवतः
पुनामीत्यर्थेऽस्मिन् पुरमथन बुद्धिर्व्यवसिता .. ३.. 

O (Creator of speech and vedas), even the expression of Brihashpati (the sprirtual guide to Gods) can’t glorify you enough, so where do I stand? (Eventhough my effort to glorify you is inisginficant) O destroyer of Tripurasur, I am certain that my effort will render my own speech purified and broaden my intellect. Thus I offer my prayer…

तवैश्वर्यं यत्तज्जगदुदयरक्षाप्रलयकृत् 
त्रयीवस्तु व्यस्तं तिस्रुषु गुणभिन्नासु तनुषु .
अभव्यानामस्मिन् वरद रमणीयामरमणीं 
विहन्तुं व्याक्रोशीं विदधत इहैके जडधियः .. ४.. 

O Shiva, you create, maintain and dissolve the whole  universe. The Three vedas praises you; yours power is distributed in three qualities (satva, raja, tamas) and in the three devine powers (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh). Despite of such an uncomparable greateness, some fools still take the satisfaction is de-glorifying thee with slander and abusive words. This is unfair…

किमीहः किंकायः स खलु किमुपायस्त्रिभुवनं 
किमाधारो धाता सृजति किमुपादान इति च .
अतर्क्यैश्वर्ये त्वय्यनवसर दुःस्थो हतधियः 
कुतर्कोऽयं कांश्चित् मुखरयति मोहाय जगतः .. ५.. 

O Shiva, those who are ever confused with their psudo-intellect put forward these question – What is the gesture of him who created the universe and what is his body (they doubt your existence?) and what are his resource to support (They doubt your power by comparing with their own). These question tend to mislead people. Little did they know that you are incomprehensible by such an analogy. Even vedas clarify that you can not be understood by arguments and counter arguments.

अजन्मानो लोकाः किमवयववन्तोऽपि जगतां
अधिष्ठातारं किं भवविधिरनादृत्य भवति .
अनीशो वा कुर्याद् भुवनजनने कः परिकरो
यतो मन्दास्त्वां प्रत्यमरवर संशेरत इमे .. ६.. 

O almighty!!! There are seven seven worlds in this universe (bhooloka, bhuvarloka, svargaloka, maharloka, Janaloka, Tapaloka and satyaloka). How come these seven worlds came to existance without their creator (You). If not by you then I wonder how the critics will explain the resources that created them. Thus the critics are totally baseless.

त्रयी साङ्ख्यं योगः पशुपतिमतं वैष्णवमिति 
प्रभिन्ने प्रस्थाने परमिदमदः पथ्यमिति च .
रुचीनां वैचित्र्यादृजुकुटिल नानापथजुषां 
नृणामेको गम्यस्त्वमसि पयसामर्णव इव .. ७.. 

There are different practices to know the divine truth as per three veda and different people as perr their preference choose whatever they think best. But as all rivers leads to the sea, no matter what path different people they adopt to reach the divine truth the end up reaching you, O Shiva. 

महोक्षः खट्वाङ्गं परशुरजिनं भस्म फणिनः
कपालं चेतीयत्तव वरद तन्त्रोपकरणम् .
सुरास्तां तामृद्धिं दधति तु भवद्भूप्रणिहितां 
न हि स्वात्मारामं विषयमृगतृष्णा भ्रमयति .. ८.. 

O Shiva!!! You grant prosperity and richness to all Gods (and beings) by the mere movement of you eye brows and yet your own possession consists of merely the bull, animals skins, ashes, the skull and snake necklace and the trishula. For those who wonder why you don’t enjoy the same prosperity that originates from you, its simple – you have no desire for those worldly objects. You remain a yogi stationed within your own soul.

ध्रुवं कश्चित् सर्वं सकलमपरस्त्वध्रुवमिदं 
परो ध्रौव्याऽध्रौव्ये जगति गदति व्यस्तविषये .
समस्तेऽप्येतस्मिन् पुरमथन तैर्विस्मित इव
स्तुवन् जिह्रेमि त्वां न खलु ननु धृष्टा मुखरता .. ९.. 

O destroyer of Tripur demon, different schools of thoughts have contradictory views regarding this universe – Some consider it eterna (nitya) others consider it temporary (a-nitya) and yet another school of thought consider it a combination of the two. These contradictory view regarding the same truth is making me perplexed and with ever increasing faith I am praying to thee.

तवैश्वर्यं यत्नाद् यदुपरि विरिञ्चिर्हरिरधः 
परिच्छेतुं यातावनिलमनलस्कन्धवपुषः .
ततो भक्तिश्रद्धा-भरगुरु-गृणद्भ्यां गिरिश यत्
स्वयं तस्थे ताभ्यां तव किमनुवृत्तिर्न फलति .. १०.. 

Once in an attempt to discover your true self Brahma travelled on his swan upward and vishnu took the form of a boar and moved downward. But all the attempts went in vein. But they go to know your true self only when the prayed with true faith. Can anybody with true faith in you ever fail?

अयत्नादासाद्य त्रिभुवनमवैरव्यतिकरं 
दशास्यो यद्बाहूनभृत-रणकण्डू-परवशान् .
स्थिरायास्त्वद्भक्तेस्त्रिपुरहर विस्फूर्जितमिदम् .. ११.. 

O Shiva, the destroyer of Tripur demon. It was the fruit of your devotion that the ten headed Ravana managed to conquer  the three world(making the world without enemy left to be concurred). His mighty arms always ready to fight was due to his devotion with which he offered is own head ten times at your feet.

अमुष्य त्वत्सेवा-समधिगतसारं भुजवनं 
बलात् कैलासेऽपि त्वदधिवसतौ विक्रमयतः .अलभ्यापातालेऽप्यलसचलितांगुष्ठशिरसि 
प्रतिष्ठा त्वय्यासीद् ध्रुवमुपचितो मुह्यति खलः .. १२.. 

O Shiva, once the same ravaana in arrogance employed his power and attempted to lift mount kailash, you abode, you just moved a toe of your feet and then ravana failed to find peace even in the nether-world. Indeed, power blinds the wicked. Finally Ravan restored his faith in you to sooth himself.

यदृद्धिं सुत्राम्णो वरद परमोच्चैरपि सतीं 
अधश्चक्रे बाणः परिजनविधेयत्रिभुवनः .
न तच्चित्रं तस्मिन् वरिवसितरि त्वच्चरणयोः
न कस्याप्युन्नत्यै भवति शिरसस्त्वय्यवनतिः .. १३.. 

O Lord of all. It was your boon that made baanasur, the demon the concurer of all the trhee worlds and made him a greater achiever than even Indra. There is no limit what one can achieve through your devotion.

विधेयस्याऽऽसीद् यस्त्रिनयन विषं संहृतवतः .
स कल्माषः कण्ठे तव न कुरुते न श्रियमहो 
विकारोऽपि श्लाघ्यो भुवन-भय-भङ्ग-व्यसनिनः .. १४.. 

When the ocean whas being churned by the Gods and demons for necter (amRit), various precious objects came forth (which were shared by Gods and demons). And then came the deadly poison kaalkuta. It stunned everyone and the prospect of untimely destruction of the entire world seemed inevitable. O ever compassionate Lord, it was you who consumed the entire poison and relieved the world of panic and pain. The poison remained frozen in your throat eversince. It is strange, O Nilkantha, that this blue strain on you neck (supposed to be a deformity) actually adds richness to your personality. (Great deeds always beautifies).

असिद्धार्था नैव क्वचिदपि सदेवासुरनरे
निवर्तन्ते नित्यं जगति जयिनो यस्य विशिखाः .
स पश्यन्नीश त्वामितरसुरसाधारणमभूत् 
स्मरः स्मर्तव्यात्मा न हि वशिषु पथ्यः परिभवः .. १५.. 

The cupids lord kaamdeva never failed with any of his victims – be it mortal humans, demons or even Gods. The same kaamdev mistook you like others and shot his flower arrows at you. He immediately turned into ashes. Insulting the supreme (you) does no good to any one.

मही पादाघाताद् व्रजति सहसा संशयपदं 
पदं विष्णोर्भ्राम्यद् भुज-परिघ-रुग्ण-ग्रह-गणम् .
मुहुर्द्यौर्दौस्थ्यं यात्यनिभृत-जटा-ताडित-तटा 
जगद्रक्षायै त्वं नटसि ननु वामैव विभुता .. १६.. 

When you dance (anand tandava) for protecting the universe, it (at times) produces strange  and opposite effect. The earth trembles under your feet, the planets shaken out of fear when your arms brushes against them. Even Lords vishnu’s domain trembles and the heaven feels miserable when its struck by the matted locks of your hairs.

वियद्व्यापी तारा-गण-गुणित-फेनोद्गम-रुचिः 
प्रवाहो वारां यः पृषतलघुदृष्टः शिरसि ते .
जगद्द्वीपाकारं जलधिवलयं तेन कृतमिति 
अनेनैवोन्नेयं धृतमहिम दिव्यं तव वपुः .. १७.. 

the divine river flows extensively throught the skya nd its charm in enchanced by the illumination of the charm by the group of stars. It creates many island and waves on the earth. And yet the same turbulent river ganga, appears mkerly a droplet of water on your head. This itself speaks a volume about the divine nature yours.

रथः क्षोणी यन्ता शतधृतिरगेन्द्रो धनुरथो 
रथाङ्गे चन्द्रार्कौ रथ-चरण-पाणिः शर इति .
दिधक्षोस्ते कोऽयं त्रिपुरतृणमाडम्बर विधिः 
विधेयैः क्रीडन्त्यो न खलु परतन्त्राः प्रभुधियः .. १८.. 

O Shiva, to destroy the tripur demon, you had earth as the chariot, brahma as the charioteer, the himalaya as the bow, the sun and the moon as the wheel and vishnu as the arrow. I wonder what was the need of all these elaborate drama when destroying the entire universe is a mere triffle for your personality? Your greatness doesn’t depend on anything or anybody.

हरिस्ते साहस्रं कमल बलिमाधाय पदयोः 
यदेकोने तस्मिन् निजमुदहरन्नेत्रकमलम् .
गतो भक्त्युद्रेकः परिणतिमसौ चक्रवपुषः 
त्रयाणां रक्षायै त्रिपुरहर  जागर्ति जगताम् .. १९.. 

Once Lord Vishnu started to worship you with a thousand Lotus. When he found one was missing, out of his devotion to you he offered one of his eyes in place of lotus. This supreme devotion was transformed into sudarshan chakra in his hand which he uses for protecting the universe.

क्रतौ सुप्ते जाग्रत् त्वमसि फलयोगे क्रतुमतां 
क्व कर्म प्रध्वस्तं फलति पुरुषाराधनमृते .
अतस्त्वां सम्प्रेक्ष्य क्रतुषु फलदान-प्रतिभुवं 
श्रुतौ श्रद्धां बध्वा दृढपरिकरः कर्मसु जनः .. २०.. 

O Shiva, you have established the connection between action and fruit. You ensured that ones good action will grand him good result. Thus keeping faith in your established design people follow veda and engange themselves in good acts.

क्रियादक्षो दक्षः क्रतुपतिरधीशस्तनुभृतां 
ऋषीणामार्त्विज्यं शरणद सदस्याः सुर-गणाः .
क्रतुभ्रंशस्त्वत्तः क्रतुफल-विधान-व्यसनिनः 
ध्रुवं कर्तुं श्रद्धा विधुरमभिचाराय हि मखाः .. २१.. 

O Mahadev, even though you exert reward for all sacrifieces, those done without true faith (and intension) in you are sure to become counter-productive. What could be a better example that the yagna performed by king daksha. Yagna was performed by brahma himself and all great saints were a part of it and yet without true faith in you it resulted in the destruction of daksha himself. You never accept unjust acts even wrapped in disguise as glorified.

प्रजानाथं नाथ प्रसभमभिकं स्वां दुहितरं 
गतं रोहिद् भूतां रिरमयिषुमृष्यस्य वपुषा .
धनुष्पाणेर्यातं दिवमपि सपत्राकृतममुं 
त्रसन्तं तेऽद्यापि त्यजति न मृगव्याधरभसः .. २२.. 

O God of all, once brahma became infatuated with his own daughter. When she fled taking the form of a deer, even brahma followed him as a form of deer. Seeing the immorality you took the form of a hunter and ran after him. Terrified Brahma fled into sky and even today stands frightened by you. You never tolerate immoral acts.

स्वलावण्याशंसा धृतधनुषमह्नाय तृणवत् 
पुरः प्लुष्टं दृष्ट्वा पुरमथन पुष्पायुधमपि .
यदि स्त्रैणं देवी यमनिरत-देहार्ध-घटनात् 
अवैति त्वामद्धा बत वरद मुग्धा युवतयः .. २३.. 

O Lord, you took godess parvati as your consort. This led to the illusion as to how come you are a yogi. But when kamdev tried to influence you with his bows and arrow you destroyed him in a moment. 

श्मशानेष्वाक्रीडा स्मरहर पिशाचाः सहचराः 
चिता-भस्मालेपः स्रगपि नृकरोटी-परिकरः .
अमङ्गल्यं शीलं तव भवतु नामैवमखिलं 
तथापि स्मर्तॄणां वरद परमं मङ्गलमसि .. २४.. 

O Destroyer of kamdeva!!! You play in the burning ghats. You stay with ghosts, your body is smeared with ashes of the dead bodies, your garland is human skull. Every aspect of your personality appears inauspicious. Yet it is the same personality which grants boon to everybody. Your personality is adorable to your devotees.

मनः प्रत्यक् चित्ते सविधमविधायात्त-मरुतः 
प्रहृष्यद्रोमाणः प्रमद-सलिलोत्सङ्गति-दृशः .
यदालोक्याह्लादं ह्रद इव निमज्यामृतमये 
दधत्यन्तस्तत्त्वं किमपि यमिनस्तत् किल भवान् .. २५.. 

O Yogeshwar, People practices various acts of yoga – regulating their breath, control and still their mind and look inward and enjoy the bliss of Yoga.  The pleasure and satisfaction they achieve with yoga is in fact you yourself!

त्वमर्कस्त्वं सोमस्त्वमसि पवनस्त्वं हुतवहः 
त्वमापस्त्वं व्योम त्वमु धरणिरात्मा त्वमिति च .
परिच्छिन्नामेवं त्वयि परिणता बिभ्रति गिरं 
न विद्मस्तत्तत्त्वं वयमिह तु यत् त्वं न भवसि .. २६.. 

O Shiva, you are the sun, the moon, the earth, the air the fire, the water and the sky. You are the soul. You are the omnipresent. I am yet to come across something which is not you.

त्रयीं तिस्रो वृत्तीस्त्रिभुवनमथो त्रीनपि सुरान् 
अकाराद्यैर्वर्णैस्त्रिभिरभिदधत् तीर्णविकृति .
तुरीयं ते धाम ध्वनिभिरवरुन्धानमणुभिः 
समस्त-व्यस्तं त्वां शरणद गृणात्योमिति पदम् .. २७.. 

O God of all, the word ॐ (aum) consists of three letters अ (a), ऊ (U), म (M) which refers to three vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama); the three states awakened (Jagrat), dream (swapna), and sushhupti (sub conscious); the three worlds, the three times (past, present and future) and the three Gods (brahma, vishnu and mahesh). We pray to the almighty with the word ॐ. 

भवः शर्वो रुद्रः पशुपतिरथोग्रः सहमहान् 
तथा भीमेशानाविति यदभिधानाष्टकमिदम् .
अमुष्मिन् प्रत्येकं प्रविचरति देव श्रुतिरपि 
प्रियायास्मैधाम्ने प्रणिहित-नमस्योऽस्मि भवते .. २८.. 

O Shiva, the Veda and the Gods worship you by these eight names – bhava, sharva, rudra, pashupati, ugra, mahadeva, bhima and ishaana. Let me also pray to you with these names.

नमो नेदिष्ठाय प्रियदव दविष्ठाय च नमः
नमः क्षोदिष्ठाय स्मरहर महिष्ठाय च नमः .
नमो वर्षिष्ठाय त्रिनयन यविष्ठाय च नमः
नमः सर्वस्मै ते तदिदमतिसर्वाय च नमः .. २९.. 

O Trilochan (The three eyed one)!!! Salutation to you who is the nearest and the farthers, biggest and the smallest, oldest and the youngest. Salutation to thee who is everything and beyond everything

बहुल-रजसे विश्वोत्पत्तौ भवाय नमो नमः 
प्रबल-तमसे तत् संहारे हराय नमो नमः .
जन-सुखकृते सत्त्वोद्रिक्तौ मृडाय नमो नमः 
प्रमहसि पदे निस्त्रैगुण्ये शिवाय नमो नमः .. ३०.. 

O Shiva, I bow to thee in the name of Bhava in which you create the world by taking raja as dominant quality; I bow to thee in the name of hara as the destroyer by taking tamas quality and I bow to thee in the name of Mrida as the protecter of the world by taking sata quality. You are the brahma, vishnu and mahes. And salutation to thee in the name of Shiva as beyond the qualities mentioned above as the supreme being.

कृश-परिणति-चेतः क्लेशवश्यं क्व चेदं 
क्व च तव गुण-सीमोल्लङ्घिनी शश्वदृद्धिः .
इति चकितममन्दीकृत्य मां भक्तिराधाद् 
वरद चरणयोस्ते वाक्य-पुष्पोपहारम् .. ३१.. 

O Shiva, How can I with my limited capability praise you with who is of ever increasing and limitless qualities. However my devotion set aside this difference and I can present my offering at your lotus feet.

असित-गिरि-समं स्यात् कज्जलं सिन्धु-पात्रे 
सुर-तरुवर-शाखा लेखनी पत्रमुर्वी .
लिखति यदि गृहीत्वा शारदा सर्वकालं 
तदपि तव गुणानामीश पारं न याति .. ३२.. 

Even if one were to use the great blue mountain as the ink, the ocean as the inkpot and the heavenly tree as the pen and paper and the godess saraswati (the godess of knowledge) herself takes down on the endless task  to write your glory, she will not be able to cover every aspect of yourself, no matter how long she writes.

ग्रथित-गुणमहिम्नो निर्गुणस्येश्वरस्य .
सकल-गण-वरिष्ठः पुष्पदन्ताभिधानः 
रुचिरमलघुवृत्तैः स्तोत्रमेतच्चकार .. ३३.. 

I Pushpdanta, the gandarva have composed this prayer for him who is worshipped by all, and wears moon on the head, who is   beyond all attributes and is embodied form of all the good qualities.

अहरहरनवद्यं धूर्जटेः स्तोत्रमेतत् 
पठति परमभक्त्या शुद्ध-चित्तः पुमान् यः .
स भवति शिवलोके रुद्रतुल्यस्तथाऽत्र 
प्रचुरतर-धनायुः पुत्रवान् कीर्तिमांश्च .. ३४..

He who reads this hymn of Shiva daily with pure mind and dedication ultimately reaches the Shiva’s domain and becomes equal to him in this world and attains all propriety in this world and claims all the respect.

महेशान्नापरो देवो महिम्नो नापरा स्तुतिः .
अघोरान्नापरो मन्त्रो नास्ति तत्त्वं गुरोः परम् .. ३५..

There is no God higher than Mahesha, no hymn better than this one, no mantra greater than ॐ and no truth beyond one’s teacher/spiritual guide. 

दीक्षा दानं तपस्तीर्थं ज्ञानं यागादिकाः क्रियाः .
महिम्नस्तव पाठस्य कलां नार्हन्ति षोडशीम् .. ३६.. 

The charity, the sacrifices, the religious acts, yagna, pilgrimage and spirtitual knowledge are not capable of yielding even the one sixteenth of the return that will result from the reading of this hymn.

कुसुमदशन-नामा सर्व-गन्धर्व-राजः
शशिधरवर-मौलेर्देवदेवस्य दासः .
स खलु निज-महिम्नो भ्रष्ट एवास्य रोषात्
स्तवनमिदमकार्षीद् दिव्य-दिव्यं महिम्नः .. ३७.. 

Kusumdanta was the king of all Gandarvas and he was a devotee of Lord Shiva the wearer of baby moon. He fell from his glorious position due to misconduct (stealing flowers from the garden). It was then that I (Gandarva) composed this divine hymn that restored him (me in third person) back to the dignity.

सुरगुरुमभिपूज्य स्वर्ग-मोक्षैक-हेतुं 
पठति यदि मनुष्यः प्राञ्जलिर्नान्य-चेताः .
व्रजति शिव-समीपं किन्नरैः स्तूयमानः
स्तवनमिदममोघं पुष्पदन्तप्रणीतम् .. ३८.. 

He who worships Shiva with this hymn takes form like shiva and revered by all – saints, humans and gandharvas.

आसमाप्तमिदं स्तोत्रं पुण्यं गन्धर्व-भाषितम् .
अनौपम्यं मनोहारि सर्वमीश्वरवर्णनम् .. ३९.. 

Pushpadanta created this hymn is pure and faultless and ensure great virtues to those who recite the glory of Shiva through this hymn

इत्येषा वाङ्मयी पूजा श्रीमच्छङ्कर-पादयोः .
अर्पिता तेन देवेशः प्रीयतां मे सदाशिवः .. ४०.. 

This worship using words is dedicated to the feet of Shankara. May the ever auspicious lord of all Gods be pleased with us.

तव तत्त्वं न जानामि कीदृशोऽसि महेश्वर .
यादृशोऽसि महादेव तादृशाय नमो नमः .. ४१.. 

O Shiva, I don’t the true nature you who you are. Salutation to that true nature of yours, which I may not be able to realise.

एककालं द्विकालं वा त्रिकालं यः पठेन्नरः .
सर्वपाप-विनिर्मुक्तः शिव लोके महीयते .. ४२.. 

He who reads this hymn once, twice or thrice (in a day) gets freed from all his past sins and attains the domain of Shiva.

श्री पुष्पदन्त-मुख-पङ्कज-निर्गतेन
स्तोत्रेण किल्बिष-हरेण हर-प्रियेण .
कण्ठस्थितेन पठितेन समाहितेन 
सुप्रीणितो भवति भूतपतिर्महेशः .. ४३.. 

This hymn is dear to Shiva and is composed by pushpdanta. Those who recite this hymn will certainly please Shiva and destroy his accumulated sins.

.. इति श्री पुष्पदन्त विरचितं शिवमहिम्नः
         स्तोत्रं समाप्तम् .. 

Thus ends the `shivamahimna hymn’ composed by Pushhpadanta.

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  1. This stotra is very best and lovable to Lord Shiva . If u have any problem regarding anything than Sing this stotra and take love of Lord Shiva

  2. I have seen Him .He is a wonderful being…..meaning that all these stotras are genuine and the one who recites them sincerely should have definitely a glimpse of lord Shiva. This is my spiritual guarantee.

  3. I feel all these strotras are very divine. They tell us the whole lilla’s of Lord Shiv. These Strotras reflect the greatness of Mahadev.

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