Shiva Panchakshar Stottram (शिव पंचाक्षर स्त्रोत)

नागेंद्रहाराय त्रिलोचनाय भस्मांग रागाय महेश्वराय|
नित्याय शुद्धाय दिगंबराय तस्मे "न" काराय नमः शिवायः॥

Salutation to thee, O Maheshwara, who wears the king of snakes as garland, who is three eyed and ashes-clad, eternal and pure,  who wears sky for cloths and who is embodied as the first letter Na.

मंदाकिनी सलिल चंदन चर्चिताय नंदीश्वर प्रमथनाथ महेश्वराय|
मंदारपुष्प बहुपुष्प सुपूजिताय तस्मे "म" काराय नमः शिवायः॥

I Bow to thee, O Shiva! You are known by the letter Ma  and adorned by innumerable  devine flower from mount Mandar. Your body is anointed with the holy water of celestial Ganga and sandals and  you are sovereign king of pramath ganas (your devotees).

शिवाय गौरी वदनाब्जवृंद सूर्याय दक्षाध्वरनाशकाय|
श्री नीलकंठाय वृषभद्धजाय तस्मै "शि" काराय नमः शिवायः॥

O (Blue throat Lord) Nilkantha your flag bears the emblem of dharma or virtue (वृष or bull is the symbol of virtue) and you are resplendent sun of gauri’s (Godess Parvati) lotus face. O Shiva! the destroyer of Daksha’s yagna, you are known by the letter Shi.  I Pray to thee.


वषिष्ठ कुभोदव गौतमाय मुनींद्र देवार्चित शेखराय|
चंद्रार्क वैश्वानर लोचनाय तस्मै "व" काराय नमः शिवायः॥

O God of Gods! you are known by the letter va  and you are worshiped by Gods and the sages like Vashishtha, Agastya and Gautam. The Sun, the moon and the fire are like your three eyes. I Bow to thee, O Shiva!

यज्ञस्वरूपाय जटाधराय पिनाकस्ताय सनातनाय|
दिव्याय देवाय दिगंबराय तस्मै "य" काराय नमः शिवायः॥

O Shiva you are the Yagna. O divine, eternal being with matted hairs and the bearer of mighty bow called Pinka, and wear sky as your cloths, I Pray to thee.

पंचाक्षरमिदं पुण्यं यः पठेत शिव सन्निधौ|
शिवलोकं वाप्नोति शिवेन सह मोदते॥

Whoever recites this prayer composed of the five holy letters before Lord Shiva, attains the supreme abode of his and enjoys his eternal bliss.

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  1. I was raised in the US and cannot read Hindi or sanskrit. I am of indian heritage and go to the temple and have recently had the desire to do the prayers at home. I see that you converting the meaing in English, but can you write the actual words that you should recite in english so I can say them or can I recite it in the english interpretation?


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