Shiva is the Lord of the entire Universe – Living and Non living. Although he is known by thousands of names one among is eight important name is – Pashupati which means Lord of all beings. The presented prayer is a eight stanza  prayer to Pashupati form of shiva.



पशुपतिं द्युपतिं धरणिपतिं भुजगलोकपतिं च सतीपतिम्।
प्रणतभक्तजनार्तिहरं परं भजत रे मनुजा गिरिजापतिम्।।1।।

O Humans! Worship him, who is the master of all domains – the earth, the heaven and also the land of snakes (animals) and 
who cures pains of all those who turn to him and 
who is known by numerous names such as Parvativallabh, Parvatipati and Girija-pati.


न जनको जननी न च सोदरो न तनयो न च भूरिबलं कुलम्।
अवति कोऽपि न कालवशं गतं भजत रे मनुजा गिरिजापतिम्।।2।।

Pray to the Lord of Parvati (Shiva) for none other than him – neither father nor mother, neither brother nor sons or any other force in the world can save you from the grip of death.


मुरजडिण्डिमवाद्यविलक्षणं मधुरपञ्चमनादविशारदम्।
प्रमथभूतगणैरपि सेवितं, भजत रे मनुजा गिरिजापतिम्।।3।।

Pray to Shiva, who is expert with drums and other musical instruments and the songs who is served by various celestial beings (even ghosts)


शरणदं सुखदं शरणान्वितं शिव शिवेति शिवेति नतं नृणाम्।
अभयदं करुणावरुणालयं भजत रे मनुजा गिरिजापतिम्।।4।।

O Humans, Pray to him who gives all the happiness and fearlessness to whoever approaches, Pray to the compassionate lord – Shiva Shiva Shiva


नरशिरोरचितं मणिकुण्डलं भुजगहारमुदं वृषभध्वजम्।
चितिरजोधवलीकृतविग्रहं भजत रे मनुजा गिरिजापतिम्।।5।।

Worship Shiva, who wears garland or snakes and humans skulls and earring of gems, who smears the ashes of the dead and he who carries the flag with the symbol of vrishabha (dharma).


मखविनाशकरं शशिशेखरं सततमध्वरभाजिफलप्रदम्।
प्रलयदग्धसुरासुरमानवं भजत रे मनुजा गिरिजापतिम्।।6।।

He  was the destroyer of daksha’s yagna,  is decorated with cresent on the head and  is the supporter of all yagana the protector of all being – Gods, Demons and Humans during calamities. O Humans worship him – the consort of Parvati.


मदमपास्य चिरं हृदि संस्थितं मरणजन्मजराभयपीडितम्।
जगदुदीक्ष्य समीपभयाकुलं भजत रे मनुजा गिरिजापतिम् ।।7।।

Look around this Universe – full of suffering and misries and the fear of death, disease and destruction. (O Humans) Its time to get rid of all prevailing arrogance and ignorance and seek Shiva – The Lord of Parvati.


हरिविरञ्चिसुराधिपपूजितं यमजनेशधनेशनमस्कृतम्।
त्रिनयनं भुवनत्रितयाधिपं भजत रे मनुजा गिरिजापतिम्।।8।।

Worship Him – who is worshipped even by Likes of Brahma, Vishnu and Indra. Who is saluted by Yama and Kuber, The Lord of the Three worlds, The Three eyed Lord of Paravati.


पशुपतेरिदमष्टकमद्भुतं विरचितं पृथिवीपतिसूरिणा।
पठति संशृणुते मनुजः सदा शिवपुरीं वसते लभते मुदम्।।9।।

He who prays, or sings or listens to this stottram attains the city of Shiva and gets eternal happiness.

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  1. All the stotram (spelling / pronounciation) should be displayed in specially in English, Bengali also. Otherwise maximum people are not able to understand or read such Sanskrit pronounciation in Hindi letter.

  2. Good site:-). But disappointed that all shlokas are given in hindi.If u could give in English too, it would be great

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