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Shiva is the Lord of the entire Universe – Living and Non living. Although he is known by thousands of names one among is eight important name is – Pashupati which means Lord of all beings. The presented prayer is a eight stanza prayer to Pashupati form of shiva. Continue reading


Shiva Mahimna Stottram

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The Shiva Mahimna Stottram  one of the most popular prayers and is considered as one of the best prayers in praise of Lord Shiva. Consisting of 43 verses, the prayers praises the devine aspect of Shiva and his supremacy and simplicity. The prayer was drafted in a special circumstance and aimed at obtaining pardon from the lord.
Here’s the story and the prayer …… Continue reading



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The story of Shiva consuming the deadly poison to save the Universe and establishing the new doctrine –

He who has a power; has a responsibility



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From the time immemorial, innumerable astakas (prayer with eight stanza) have been written praising the glory of Shiva, the ultimate creator and sustainers and recycler of the universe. These astakas have been popularly known as Lingastak, Rudrastak, Bilvastak and Shivastaka. There are many which are named as Shivastaka. The one presented here is written by Adi guru Shankaracharya himself and praises the parambrahma Shiva.

Namah Shivai (नम: शिवाय) is the most sacred and powerful mantra to please Lord Shiva. The Five letter mantra (containing Na, Ma, Shi, Va, Ya ) has great effect on the body and the soul which is discussed in the article Aum Namah Shivaya.

Shiva Panchakshar Stottram is one of the beautiful stottram glorifying Lord Shiva and the the five letter maha-mantra (Na-Mah-Shi-Va-Ya).



Aum namah shivaya

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ॐ नमः शिवाय

Aum Namah Shivai (ॐ नमः शिवाय) is the foremost mantra for lord Shiva and is chanted by millions of devotees every day. In the simplest meaning Aum namah shivai simply means

I bow to Shiva or
Salutation to Shiva

But then, the mantras significance goes far beyond its literal meaning. The subtle meaning, the resonance of its sound makes this mantra a maha mantra. Continue reading


Brahmas Shiva Stottram

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Lord Brahma, one of the members of the triad, praised the supreme being Shiva in this prayer. Continue reading


The Dark Shiva

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(Translated from the original version Hindi version at )

Often we compare light with truth, knowledge, pious and every thing that is positive and in the analysis we treat darkness as an icon of negative elements. Can the darkness, which is without any origin or end and is omnipresent, be mere an icon of negative forces? Continue reading


Shiva Lingam

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Shiva is worshipped in varied forms. Shiva as the devine and universal being is worhsipped in form of Lingam. This is the most popular for of Shiva’s worship. Continue reading


Natraaj Stuti

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Lord Shiva is the universal teacher, the ultimate creator and the great cosmic dancer. The world comes into being by his cosmic dance – Anand Tandav and goes back to him by his Raudra Tandav. This strottam is dedicated to the Natraaj aspect of Shiva. Continue reading